Ellene Masri


Paris (Ville), Paris, France

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It is rare when an artist comes on the scene with a unique sound, vision, voice and presence. Ellene Masri is all of that and more. Her sound combines many international cultural influences , African & Latin rhythms, with European, Middle Eastern and American melodic sensibilities.
Above all, she is not one of these pre-­fabricated, producer created artist. She is firmly in control of her sound and direction.
Her self-produced debut album, “Music” shows off her skills as a composer, arranger and musician, playing the guitar, keyboards and programming sounds on the disc.

She is one of those artists who has to be seen live to completely appreciate her stunning appeal. Audiences across the globe are in for a wonderful treat when her soon to commence tour hits their town!

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Dernier titre

Rain by Ellene Masri

Dernier média

ELLENE MASRI "Rain" Live Performance @ EastWest Studios (L.A / Video#1)


Prénom : Ellene


Téléphone : +1 424 272 1891

Email : contact@ellenemasri.com

Site :

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