Miss Parker

Rock , Expérimental , Autre , Musiques alternatives

Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France

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Miss Parker is a band playing an inspired indie post-punk coldwave music composed of 3 members from Marseilles (France).
Christophe R. (guitar - Programming) , Stephane "The Legend" C. (bass and live samplers) and Franck
S. (vocals - guitar - arrangements ) .
The band was born in 2003 of a willingness to ourselves endanger artistically, to think outside the traditional diagrams of rock with his drums and guitars well assigned to rythmic and chorus roles.
To quickly summarize : The melodic music and undeniably tense of Miss Parker is based
on squeaky sounds, an omnipresent bass, a sound of guitars worked and a
sepulchral voice. The band knows impose its monolithic structure for captivate the

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Prénom : Jean "John Phoenix"


Téléphone : +33603553480

Email : symphomane@live.fr

Site : http://themissparker.bandcamp.com/album/miss-parker

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