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Namur, Namur, Belgique

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Nightrider had been formed in January 2015 by Greg HK (drums) and Cheval (guitar), with influences such as Inepsy, Motörhead, Midnight... Short rehearsals at Greg's flat ensued. Three months later, Math' (bass), joined the band, who was training in Ciney at that time.

From September, rehearsals will happen in Rhisnes (Namur), and two new members will take part in this project during the following weeks: at first, Xa (vocalist) then Yves (drums) after Greg moved to Germany (the whole band will be grateful to him for ever).

A few rehearsals later, former songs had been a little bit transformed, reconcilering influences of each member, but this developped on its own, in view of the fact that each member already well knew the other ones.

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