Nikos Papadogiorgos

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Nikos Papadogiorgos is a Greek composer, orchestrator and pianist currently living and working in Paris. He studied classical and jazz piano, classical and jazz harmony and took lessons on counterpoint. He also studied film direction as he pursued his interest in visual arts. As a professional pianist he has collaborated with various bands and has accompanied many well-known Greek singers. In 2004 he started composing his own music. Since then, he has composed music for documentaries, theater, important public events, corporate videos, TV spots, audio theater CDs, CDs accompanying children’s books and more. In 2012 he started focusing on setting lyrics and poetry to music and in December 2013 he won the 2nd prize at the most prestigious Greek songwriting competition.

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Prénom : Nikos

Nom : Papadogiorgos

Téléphone : +33 7 58 26 44 38

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