Shana Pearson


Lausanne, Vaud, Suisse

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After 2019 being a year marked with concerts across New-Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, France and Switzerland. Shana Pearson is back in 2020 with her summer tune “Steal You” out on June 5th and is gaining recognition worldwide as in indie artist.
She released her indie EP project called “Fearless” in October 2016, of which 5 singles were aired on radios and TVS across Switzerland, France, Algeria, Tunisia and Greece/Cyprus.
In 2017, she reached the Swiss finals for Eurovision with the song "Exodus", written by Swedish producers and songwriters Denniz Jamm, Andreas Stone Johansson and Mahan Moin. This allowed her to gain even more exposure on an international level...

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You Got It


Prénom : Shana

Nom : Pearson

Téléphone : 0787712661

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