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WICKED PLAN - Intense & Melodic Heavy Metal

Natali and Dan established WICKED PLAN in 2012 with the clear vision to form of a high-caliber Melodic Heavy Metal band. With their second album OUT OF FIRE (2016) the band has revealed its musical passion: a blend of Heavy Metal and Classical elements with very strong melodies and high intensity.
In 2017 Dan started working on new songs for the LAND ON FIRE album, which was then recorded from 2017 until 2018, supported and coached by Ralf Scheepers.
The new songs have even more drive, and the band is totally motivated to perform them on stage!

Natali Keller, vocals.
Dan Keller, guitars and orchestra.
Ed Cuennet, bass.
Martin Hämmerle, drums.

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WICKED PLAN - Melodic Metal Music Video with Monsters of Metal (Official Music Video)


Prénom : Ed

Nom : Cuennet

Téléphone : +41791012311

Email : ed@wickedplan.com

Site : http://www.wickedplan.com/

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